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CDD 1 supervisor advises Villagers to do research on COVID-19 vaccine

Ellen Cora

A Community Development District 1 supervisor is advising Villagers to do some research on the COVID-19 vaccine before receiving it.

“This is not a political comment,” said Supervisor Ellen Cora, prefacing her remarks Friday morning at the CDD 1 meeting at Savannah Center.

She cautioned that there are still “many unknowns” about the vaccine which will soon be made available to Sumter County residents, beginning with frontline health care workers and residents of long-term care facilities.

“I would suggest everybody do a little research about the vaccine before they take it,” Cora said.

The Village of De La Vista resident said that she will not be getting the vaccine.

“Time will tell when vast numbers of people are vaccinated what the long-term effects will be,” she added.

Meanwhile, District Manager Richard Baier announced that disinfectant aerial spraying will be stepped up at recreation facilities, starter shacks, gate attendant shacks and other facilities throughout The Villages in order to further prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

There have been more than 1,500 documented cases of COVID-19 in The Villages, some of them fatal.

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