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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Drunken Summerfield couple charged in brutal attack on security guard

Lucky Jurgens
Lucky Jurgens

A Summerfield couple has been charged in a brutal attack on a security guard at Orlando City Hall.

Lucky Jurgens, 24, and Ashlea Nicole Magalskimudd, 26, were apparently intoxicated in the wee hours Feb. 13 when they began pulling door handles and banging on windows at city hall, according to arrest reports from the Orlando Police Department. They thought it was a hotel.

Security Guard Keith Morgan walked outside and informed the pair that city hall was closed. Jurgens continued to approach Morgan who attempted to push him away. Morgan pinned Jurgens to the ground, but Magalskimudd kicked the security guard in the groin. Jurgens retaliated by punching the 63-year-old in the face. The guard tried to use his security radio to call for help, but Jurgens took it and threw it across the plaza.

The altercation was captured on security surveillance.

Morgan suffered a broken nose, a fractured jaw and required stitches on his cheek.

Police tracked down and interviewed Jurgens and Magalskimudd.

Ashlea Nicole Mudd
Ashlea Nicole Magalskimudd

Jurgens said they had been drinking in the downtown area and were looking for a hotel when they happened upon city hall. He claimed the security guard grabbed him by the hair and pinned him to the ground. He said when he broke free, he “put everything” into his swing and “punched the (expletive) out of” the security guard. Jurgens claimed he had been defending his girlfriend.

Magalskimudd added that she saw Morgan’s security ID badge on the ground after the altercation. She admitted she took the badge and said she wanted it so she could report Morgan’s identification number to law enforcement. She admitted she’d made no attempt to dial 911.

Jurgens, who was arrested in 2018 by Sumter County sheriff’s deputies, is facing felony charges of battery on a security officer and aggravated battery. Magalskimudd is facing charges of battery and theft.

A GoFundMe has been established to help Morgan in his recovery. To make a donation to the GoFundMe established in his name, visit the “Lets help Keith” fundraiser page.

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