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Saturday, February 24, 2024

I applaud Kim Ruppert!

To the Editor:

I applaud Kim Ruppert and her willingness to step forward to show what backlash is awaiting those who have pointed out legitimate concerns in their neighborhoods. I agree that the requirement to put  your name and address into public records is opening oneself up to retribution. That  is going to keep maybe 90 percent of people from coming forward. The result will be that the Community Standards that we need to uphold in order to keep our neighborhoods attractive and livable will be severely eroded.
On the other hand, when the complaint system is being deluged with numerous complaints from one individual, surely there is a way to weed out the nuts from the rest of us and discard those frivolous claims.  That’s what should be changed.  Get the troublemakers to stop harassing people.

Sherry Finch
Villa Berea


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