It’s time to vote out NRA flunkies

To the Editor:

I would suggest that those of us who want to save lives through common-sense and constitutional gun controls not just post internet diatribes against the NRA’s policies, which diatribes will never change the minds of rabid NRA supporters. To effectuate real change, we need to identify, and vote out of office, the NRA’s flunky politicians responsible for creating the legal environment that facilitates the mentally ill, criminals, and terrorists getting their hands not just on ordinary firearms, but on firearms of mass destruction. All of us bear responsibility for having elected the politicians who have implemented the NRA’s blood-soaked legislative agenda.

For example, in our state of Florida (the state that hosted the Parkland School shooting), we previously voted in NRA flunkies: President Donald Trump, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, and a particular NRA darling–The Villages State Senator Dennis Baxley. Despite his previous A+ NRA rating, I give our Gov. Rick Scott some credit on this issue.  After the Parkland shooting, he listened to the students and, despite NRA opposition, pushed through some relatively good gun-control legislation.  This legislation includes a “red flag” provision to allow a court to take firearms away from potentially dangerous persons, bans bump stocks, creates a waiting period to buy a gun, and raises the minimum age to buy a gun.  It is flawed in that it allows local school districts to arm teachers (which Governor Scott opposes) and fails to ban assault weapons or strengthen background checks.  However, it is progress; and it pissed off the NRA enough that it is now suing our state.

To reduce the NRA-financed bloodshed in this country, use the NRA’s organization and money against it.  Visit the website of the NRA’s political action committee ( ), which identifies the politicians financed and supported by the NRA. Learn who they are, and vote them out of office– every one.  Make taking money from the NRA politically toxic.

Scott Fenstermaker
Village of Winifred

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