Drinking and driving has got to stop in The Villages

To the Editor:

Weekly and almost daily we read about a Villager driving their cart or car while intoxicated. Most of the time there is only property damage, but it has resulted in deaths. No one should drive while impaired either by prescribed drugs or alcohol. That being said I think it is time to hold bartenders responsible for serving patrons that are intoxicated. I don’t want to hear, “Well, we cannot control what they drink when they leave our bar.” If you have spent anytime at a couple of the bars in Lake Sumter Landing around closing time you will see people who should have been cut off earlier in the night.
Recently there was a light pole in my area that was knocked down for the umpteenth time. I mentioned it to the night gate attendant and he said “You can tell when —— closes by the crazy driving I see.”
We had one lady killed and a young man’s life ruined lately and it is time for it to stop and we must start holding bars and bartenders partially responsible.

Bill Kincaid
Village of Poinciana





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  1. Claudette Catanese says

    Bill, you have got to be kidding, right? When you’re as old as we all are, you should know when to quit drinking. If you don’t quit, you deserve the consequences. You want a bartender who is hustling drinks for 20-25 people, some not at the bar, to become responsible for that irresponsible drunk? It only takes a couple of drinks to limit your driving abilities….you don’t have to be drunk to have an accident. Your way would have most people cut off if they sounded like they were having fun!

  2. jamessmith says

    As long as our liberal judges keep slapping these drunks on the wrist and turning them loose , we will always have this problem .
    1st offense 6 mths in jail
    2nd offense 1 year in jail
    3rd offense throw away the key

  3. Bill Williams says

    Excellent editorial and well said, but good luck with that, it just won’t happen. Some people think they can drink a lot and hop into whatever is in the driveway and drive safely to the nearest club or bar just to drink more. Pretty damn sad when that’s all that’s left in their pathetic lives.

    • Ann Eggleston says

      I agree. There’s too much blaming someone else going on. We’re all grown adults. Many have raised children. But, they shouldn’t be held responsible for their own actions? A 21 year old bartender should??? I am tired of hearing “it’s not my fault”. When are we old enough to be responsible for what we do if not now?

  4. Louise Tuttle says

    I have to agree with you Bill, but after living here for 20 years I highly doubt it will ever change. Drinking is a way of life and THE major recreational activity for so many people here.

    Bar owners and employees should be held responsible for overserving as is the case is so many othe states in the country. They just need to be found guilty of negligence in court and the victims awarded multimillion settlements as has happened elsewhere before these enablers wake up. Stopping overserving is not rocket science. Even the dimwits who work in the bars here know when someone should be shut off. An inebriated person is beyond taking responsibility for himself. The sober bartender who serves the obvious drunk is responsible. I’m not talking about being a couple of tenths of a percentage over the limit. I’m talking about the drunks being 2 or 3 or 4 times over the limit. The only reason this doesn’t happen here is because of the unmitigated greed of the bar owners who only care for money and care nothing about the community

    • Ann Eggleston says

      The Village kiosks at the squares do their share of over-serving. No criticism for them? I’m a believer in being responsible for your own actions.

    • Len Pittsacado says

      Louise, your kind of Nazism is pure nonsense. Oftentimes the drunk has a friend make the purchase, or they leave one place and go somewhere new. Many drunks can sound fine while sitting on a barstool, it’s when they get up to walk that they first make it obvious that they are drunk. Punishing the bar owner isn’t the answer and it is often unfair. It’s hard enough to run a business these days, you want to destroy people’s livelihoods.

    • Yvonne Dillaha says

      Louise, I am from Texas and it IS the law in Texas. Bars face a three-day closure, when caught or something happens. TABC agents show up, unannounced. Bars can face permanent loss of their licenses for repeat offenses. At least, that is the way it was; I have been gone almost 15 years, now. Bartenders and waitresses were careful about who they served. People in bars will drink, that’s what a bar is, but not all to excess. Personal responsibility is a key factor.

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