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The Villages
Monday, May 27, 2024

Terrible parking situation at Putt & Play at Fenney

To the Editor:

Today my husband, myself and our visiting son decided to go down to Fenney and try the Putt and Play.
Had a great time. It was a lot of fun. Wondering though if residents that don’t live in Fenney are suppose to use that recreation area. Our only way to get there is by car.  We were told to park at Blue Heron Recreation Center and walk a half mile to the Putt and Play center.
We decided to drive down there and check it out.  Glad we did because we were able to park on a side street were building has not yet started and walk a short distance.  We weren’t the only ones.
There had to be at least 20 cars parked there.
There were NO golf carts in the parking lot so the 30 to 40 people there had driven cars.
We were there one and a half hours and no golf carts showed up. It made us, along with other people we talked to, feel like this is suppose to be a Fenney only recreation activity.
Why are those of us from the north being penalized and made to walk?
Do you have any idea what a 1/2 mile walk will be like in hot weather?  Those people who buy house on that Zebra something side street are going to have a lot of people parking cars in front of their houses, which is legal.  If you can’t have car parking than at least have some sort of a shuttle service to make this Rec activity available to all residents of The Villages.  Not all people can walk a half mile then play.  Not a very well-thought-out recreation activity.

Debbie Murphy
Village of Santiago

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