Greed motivated charge for tree-lighting

To the Editor:

I have only been here with my husband for 13 years and praise the Lord for bringing us to such a beautiful place in our senior years.
I have been mostly impressed with The Villages maintenance and growth. I wondered if it would remain beautiful?  I never considered the greed of the children, grandchildren and etc. running so many Stores our because of high cost of being here.
But charging to watch the tree lighting is out and out GREED!  Those in the area of Spanish Springs are a older group and even less income toward the later part of our lives and  many are leaving because The Villages has charged too much.  We for one would like to remain in our home here in Hacienda South and don’t know if that is going to happen or not. Trust the Lord for that.
Allowing anyone outside The Villages to attend the squares is ruining it for those of us that live here and now you want to take away our FREE tree lighting?  Seriously?
You don’t enforce the rules in each Village for us as it is.
How about some humility, caring about us here instead of your pocketbooks?

Sharon Zarse
Village of Hacienda South