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Executive orders on school openings

To the Editor:

“I have this strange notion we are a democracy.  If you can’t get the votes you can’t (legislate) by executive order unless you’re a dictator.  We’re a democracy and we need consensus.”  This is a quote from apparently our own dictator living in the White House named Joe Biden.  The quote came from an interview with ABC New’s reporter George Stephanopoulos three weeks prior to the election.  President Biden has signed over 30 executive orders this past month and reversed on 12 of President Trump’s executive orders.
In at least 10 interviews over the past over the past several months President Biden has said “Follow the science” in regards to handling the COVID-19 pandemic.  He must have misspoke as I’m sure he meant to say, “Follow the science unless it goes against a major democratic support like teacher’s unions.”
My granddaughters have been going to school since September. The youngest goes four days a week and one virtual day.  The oldest one one goes two days a week and three virtual days.  I only know of one instance of a class room being quarantined for 14 days due to a teacher’s aide getting COVID-19 from her husband.
Let’s open our schools nationwide. Being at home with little or no socialization, more children are dying from suicide than COVID-19. Our country has yet to spend billions of dollars to open schools from the last stimulus bill. We don’t need to wait for a new stimulus bill to pass to open schools.

Robert Davidson
Haciendas of Mission Hills

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