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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Shame on The Villages for welcoming hateful voices

To the Editor:

Friday night, the Brownwood Hotel is welcoming Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz and Georgia’s Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to speak at the first stop of their “America First” tour.
What is that agenda that is so dear to their hearts? Apparently, the same old litany of far right talking points. One can wrap “white power,” racism and xenophobia in patriotic jargon but let’s recognize it for what it is. Taylor-Greene has opined her wish to advance the agenda in her now defunct America First caucus promoting a “White Anglo-Saxon political tradition.” These, and many other examples are fringe ideas that have no place in the exchange of rational ideas.
And as for Matt Gaetz, can you say, hypocrisy? He has been accused of several sex-related crimes. Yet we are asked to look to them as moral and ethical examples of American values. Shame on The Villages for allowing these most offensive voices of conservatism to spew their hate and display their deceit when there are many honorable conservatives available to speak of Republican principles.

Ruth Srulevitch
Village of Liberty Park

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