Wildwood man, juvenile charged with obstructing justice in shooting earlier this month

Demar Lydell Corbin

A Wildwood man and a juvenile were arrested and booked into the Sumter County Detention Center on Wednesday based on their behavior at a shooting scene on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue earlier this month.

Demar Lydell Corbin, 18, and Maleka Devion Dalton, 16, were taken into custody and charged with resisting an officer and obstructing justice following a July 2 incident at duplexes located at 110 and 112 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue. On that date, Wildwood police officers responded to a shooting call and when they arrived, a large crowd had gathered.

Officers located the shooting victim between two units, and when they approached the victim, most everybody in the crowd was yelling or screaming, a police report states.

As a sergeant was putting on a pair of gloves, Corbin, also known as “Skipper,” was about a foot away and aggressively started yelling, the report states. As the sergeant was ordering him to back up, Dalton jumped to his feet from an air conditioning unit and also started yelling, the report states.

As officers continued to try to clear the area and make room for fire rescue and paramedics to treat the victim, both Corbin and Dalton refused to “get back,” the report says, adding that they continued yelling and “refusing to obey lawful orders.

At one point, Dalton yelled at an officer that was holding Corbin back and trying to calm him down, the report states, adding that bystanders even tried to assist officers in calming both of them down.

Officers didn’t take action against Corbin and Dalton that night because they were needed to investigate the attempted murder that had taken place earlier, the report says. But after reviewing body camera footage of the incident, they made the decision to arrest Corbin and Dalton based on them obstructing the investigation process and jeopardizing the safety of the officers at the shooting scene.

Corbin was released from the Sumter County Detention Center on Wednesday night on $1,000 bond. Information on Dalton’s status wasn’t available.

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