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16-year-old reaching out to help veterans in need in Lake and Marion counties

Hannah Madison with homeless veterans,
Hannah Madison passes out items to those in need.

Sixteen-year-old Hannah Madison preoccupies herself with hobbies like any other teenager; she plays piano, guitar, and loves to write poetry. But what makes this young girl unique is the love and hard work she puts into her own non-profit organization called SparkForHumanity, which aims to help the homeless veterans in the Lake and Marion counties.

“God took hold of my heart,” Madison said.

It was a mission trip that sparked her desire to help others.

Three months ago, Madison initiated SparkForHumanity, which collects goods such as hygiene products and socks. “My family has played a huge role in the support and growth of SparkForHumanity,” she said.

She describes the efforts her family has put into making bags filled with goods to hand out to those in need.

Here's how you can. help.

For example, Madison says that her mother “packs the bags” with the donated items and includes baked goods as well.

Madison takes the time to write words of encouragement, such as Bible verses, on index cards to include in the Ziploc bags.

“There have been many nights I have stayed awake past 3 a.m. working on the small things that really count,” she said.

Ever since she was a child, Madison remembers that she “had always been the type to help the homeless.”

Her own personal struggles motivate Madison to work hard on her mission to improve the lives of the homeless.

“I know what it feels to be at a low point,” Madison states. With this knowledge, she tries her best to show empathy towards the homeless community and give them a “glimpse of hope.”

An encounter with a homeless man, that Madison clearly remembers, during her first drive, served as the catalyst to SparkForHumanity’s ongoing duration. She recalls how he started crying as she offered to pray with him for his job interview.

At that moment and seeing how much impact she had on the homeless man, she thought to herself, “This project [SparkForHumanity] is something that I want to keep doing.”

She knows she can’t save the world, but she believes that the actions she takes are vital to see change in society. As for the future of the organization, Madison hopes that it will continue to “raise awareness about the issue” of homelessness.” I am truly blessed with the help and encouragement I have received so far from numerous and close friends, family and even those I serve.”

Learn more at the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SparkForHumanity

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