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Attorney inks deal allowing accused line dance instructor to avoid prosecution

An attorney for a Villages line dance instructor who had been accused of punching another woman at a town square, has secured a deal that will allow his client to avoid prosecution.

Janet Hilgenfeld
Janet Hilgenfeld

Janet Hilgenfeld, 64, of the Village of Winifred, had been accused of punching a 54-year-old Villager on Aug. 7 at Spanish Springs Town Square. Hilgenfeld had been at the square line dancing with friends when the incident occurred. Hilgenfeld admitted to police that she had hit the woman and she was issued a notice to appear in Lake County Court to answer to a charge of misdemeanor battery.

Hilgenfed was also banned from Spanish Springs Town Square for a month.

But Hilgenfeld and her attorney, J. Scott Herman, had lined up 12 witnesses willing to testify that Hilgenfeld had been taunted by the woman who had invaded her space.

Herman met with the prosecutor’s office and pointed out that Hilgenfeld had a spotless record. They agreed to allow Hilgenfeld into a pre-trial intervention agreement. The agreement states that Hilgenfeld must take an anger management class and once she completes the class, the case will be dismissed.

Herman, speaking on behalf of Hilgenfeld, said his client was happy to be putting this behind her.

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