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Think twice before you open that door

Lady Lake Police Chief Chris McKinstry
Lady Lake Police Chief Chris McKinstry

The Lady Lake Police Department asks you to remain vigilant against predators who locally attempt to victimize our residents especially after Irma.      

Next time you hear a knock at your door, think twice before you open it. The person knocking may seem clean-cut, friendly and harmless. Maybe the person knocking at the door will say they discovered something broken outside your home such as a structural problem or electrical and will fix it for a price. Perhaps he or she will pose as a maintenance worker who needs to make sure something in your house is working properly. Or maybe someone will offer to cut away a downed tree.  If so, beware!  That person might be a criminal trying to trick you into giving them money or to get inside your house to steal from you. These criminals use creative tactics, preying on your fears, loneliness or sense of sympathy to get what they want from you. It only takes a few seconds for a thief to grab your money or valuables when your back is turned.  It only takes a few minutes to pay someone for a job that they never started or completed.  You may not even realize you were victimized until much later.

Criminals are slick talkers and are good at convincing people that dire consequences will result if they are not allowed to “help” you.  The Lady Lake Police Department reminds you to keep the following precautions in mind:

Beware of people posing as roofers, electricians, exterminators, lawn maintenance workers, tree trimmers, water quality testers, building inspectors, meter readers, telephone or cable TV repairmen.  The phony exterminator will “accidentally” squirt you with bug spray and while you’re busy cleaning up, he will clean up, too, leaving your wallet empty. The bogus water tester will keep you busy in the kitchen, filling and spilling glasses of water while his “assistant” empties the jewelry box in your bedroom.

Beware of people who approach your home asking for assistance or wanting to use your telephone because they do not have a working phone. If they need help, keep your door closed and offer to call the Lady Lake Police Department. If there is a legitimate need for assistance, the person will wait. If not, he will run like a thief.

Beware of people offering low prices for unsolicited repair work such as fixing your roof, cutting down trees, or debris clean-up.  Do not open the door for any service provider that you did not request.

Always remember, if someone comes to your home uninvited – no matter how nice he or she seems – lock your door and keep it closed, and call law enforcement.  Police officers will not mind the call. If the “worker” is legitimate, there will be no problem.
By using common sense and being extra cautious, you can help law enforcement help to keep you safe and slam the door on scammers.

The Lady Lake Police Department wishes you a safe recovery from Hurricane Irma.

Chris McKinstry is chief of police in Lady Lake.

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