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Melissa McCarthy’s ‘Life of the Party’ has her taking second stab at college

Jack Petro
Jack Petro

A woman drops out of college when she gets pregnant.  It is just a temporary bump on her road of life.  She can return and get her degree later. Oh yeah? Think again.

Melissa McCarthy is the prospective dropout, Deanna. She has to raise the kid and postpones academia. Her husband drives the last nail in her self-esteem by declaring he is in love with another woman. He wants a divorce.

Fast forward. The daughter is in college. As Oprah would say: “It’s our turn!”

After taking a stab at the wild off campus fraternity-sorority fracases, she hits the books and is on her way to her BA degree.   

The plot is comedy-farce and the movie is written, directed, produced and stars McCarthy herself. Being so close to every aspect of the show develops myopia that places her in most every scene.The result is a very funny sequence of clips like the old “Laugh In,” but lacking depth and empathy.

This show is great for laughs but you will not leave with that “good feeling.” “Life of the Party” is currently playing at the Rialto Theatre in The Villages. Think twice on this one.

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