Three more locations erect signs as Trailwinds Village grows

Three new retail locations have sprouted at Trailwinds Village in recent weeks.

ReMax, Verizon Wireless and Organic Nail Bar have moved into some of the empty parcels along County Road 466A that make up the new development.

Organic Nail Bar is one of the newest retailers to join Trailwinds Village in Wildwood

Although Verizon is the only one open for business, the other businesses have erected signs and seem to be making brisk progress on buildout.

ReMax at Trailwinds Village
ReMax at Trailwinds Village

Located just north of Pinellas Plaza, the three new retail locations join a slate of businesses that started occupying Trailwinds Village earlier this year.

That includes Circle K, which opened this past fall, as well as Aldi and ABC Liquor, which both opened this past spring.

Lowe’s was the first to open for business, opening their doors on January 11 of this year.

Jersey Mike’s, who claimed the parcel adjacent to Organic Nail Bar earlier this fall, has not yet opened the doors of its restaurant.

There are still a few empty parcels waiting to be rented and developed at Trailwinds Village. What kinds of retailers would you like to see move into the area? Share your comments below or share your thoughts in letters to the editor!