Villagers’ son jailed after allegedly stealing residents’ valuables at swimming pool

Jamie Bryan Fisch

The son of a Villages couple has been jailed in the theft of valuable items from residents who had been swimming at the Colony Cottage Recreation Center sports pool.

Jamie Bryan Fisch, 40, was arrested this past Friday afternoon at his parents’ home at 2993 Amherst Way.

He was captured on video surveillance making multiple trips on Jan. 20 and 27 into the pool area and the locker room where he allegedly stole backpacks, cash, a wallet, credit cards, car keys, a bracelet and other items from residents who were using the pool.

Fisch on Jan. 20 entered the pool seven different times between 7:49 and 11:19 a.m., according to an arrest report from the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office. At one point, Fisch changed outfits in an effort to disguise himself. His total take that morning was $1,774, including a fanny pack which contained a cell phone.

Fisch returned that same afternoon wearing a third outfit. He allegedly stole a set of keys off a table and then used the keys to take $50 from a wallet left in the locked vehicle in the parking lot. It appears Fisch returned the keys after raiding the man’s wallet.

The Colony Cottage sports pool

He went back to the Colony sports pool on the afternoon of Jan. 27 and stole a 71-year-old man’s backpack, containing his wallet, credit cards, driver’s license, clothing, car keys and jacket, all valued at $1,066. That day he also stole a woman’s navy blue bag containing a bracelet and a vehicle key fob. Those items were valued at $375.

A deputy took video surveillance images to Fisch’s previous place of employment, Bob Evans restaurant. There a manager confirmed it was Fisch who had been captured on video surveillance at the pool. Fisch’s neighbor also identified him in the photos.

Fisch had also been arrested in 2017 in the theft of a wallet at Colony Cottage Recreation Center. He escaped prosecution by entering into a pre-trial diversion program.

The Colony pool also was targeted by thieves in 2015 who stole a wallet and used a Villager’s credit card to buy vodka, beer, cigarettes, razors and prepaid credit cards.