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Friday, June 21, 2024

Allowing Trump to visit The Villages was reckless

Miles Zaremski

No doubt this site has been deluged by letters opining on the Trump visit this past Friday, but as an investor in property in this community, it was a reckless and financially irresponsible decision to allow the guy to come, not only to have him continue spewing forth lies, particularly to seniors with medical conditions, that the virus will be gone, is “turning the corner,” etc., but also to allow “thousands” to gather that will undoubtedly become a super-spreader event.

Just wait 10-14 days. As to the former, this nation has not seen a spike in COVID-19 cases that is upon us all NOW since the summertime and your president is telling you he has turned the corner with it. It is getting worse, much worse, not better! There are those, of course, that they do not care whether they get the disease or pass it along to fellow residents. Again, utterly irresponsible and insane for without our health, we are not worth a damn. What would have happened when our country was engaged in world wars last century if those of us at home did not sacrifice as we did? 

Wearing masks and socially distancing is no less a sacrifice to preserve our country than when our country was at war. And what about those Villagers knowing that Trump is before the Supreme Court on Nov. 10 to take away healthcare for millions? 

But getting back to the financial angle, does the Morse family want their nest egg to really become known, not as Florida’s Friendliest Hometown, but as Florida’s “deadliest” hometown?  Maybe they cannot look beyond their greed, but that would not be a wise financial move from a business plan viewpoint, as it would not be a wise financial move for an investor like myself.

Miles Zaremski is a resident of the Village of Dunedin.

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