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Monday, May 27, 2024

Villager who made motion for change in trash collection wins re-election

Diane Spencer

A Villager who made the motion for a major change in trash collection in The Villages has won re-election to her seat on the North Sumter County Utility Dependent District Board.

Diane Spencer of the Village of Gilchrist won re-election as the Seat 7 director on the NSCUDD Board, which oversees trash collection in Community Development Districts 1 through 11. She easily defeated Daniel Warren, also a resident of the Village of Gilchrist.

Spencer won 24,636 votes to Warren’s 12,278 votes.

Spencer is well-known for her involvement in GOP politics in The Villages, is a former Community Development District 9 supervisor and has served on the board at the hospital in The Villages.

Spencer made the motion earlier this year to begin shipping trash, yard waste and materials previously considered “recyclables” to the Covanta waste-from-energy plant in Okahumpa.

Fellow NSCUDD Board member Jerry Watts did not fare as well. Watts lost his bid for re-election to Seat 1 to Village of Belvedere resident Nicholas Hemes.

Hemes had 3,438 votes to Watts’ 2,499 votes.

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