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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Let’s stop stewing about the crosses and focus on bridging political divide

To the Editor:

Rather than getting upset about small white crosses, which for Christians are a symbol of God’s love, think about political signs, flags, banners, etc., in my opinion, these items are divisive.
If one doesn’t know political stance at the outset of a potential friendship, the person can be greeted and get to be known on the basis of character. Perhaps one will find parts of a person’s chapter, which are not acceptable, that’s OK. My mother always told me that I could not dislike someone on the basis of their skin color, ethnicity or religion, I was to like or dislike based on the other person’s character. I am tired of the divisiveness. It’s time we all work together to protect our rights, the rights of others, and our democratic republic.

Ruth Braithwaite-Graesser
Village of Bonita


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