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Saturday, February 24, 2024

I enjoy riding my bicycle on multi-modal paths in The Villages

To the Editor:

I own and drive a car, golf cart and bicycle. My cart and bicycle are well lit. My bicycle has strobing front and rear lights. I ride my bike 4 to 5 times weekly for 30 to 40 miles per week on the main streets (save for Morse, Buena Vista and 466A), side streets and multi-modal paths as well. I have thus far avoided the numerous cars and carts that do not stop at stop signs. When riding on multi-modal paths, I have encountered those who have passed us in blind corners or while other carts are approaching. I came upon the bike/cart fatality that occurred on Hillsborough Trail last winter when the cart turned left into the bicyclist. The multi-modal paths are for everyone. Hopefully the author of the editorial from the Village of DeSoto who opines that the multi-modal paths should be for carts only will remain south of State Road 44. Note that he did not state that named streets and roads should be reserved for cars/trucks only. I am guessing his opinion is very much in the minority.

Don Martin
Village of Dunedin


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