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The Villages
Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Finally allocating funds to the golf courses!

To the Editor:

When talk begins concerning the cost to renew a few executive golf courses, remember it’s all about the economy of scale. If you multiply a $150 amenity fee x 75,000 Villages residences, (2 heartbeats per residence) you get $11,250,000 per month. So encouraged the budget group is finally allocating funds to the golf courses.

Ron Griffin
Village of Hadley


Bring back the pool attendants so IDs can be checked

In a Letter to the Editor, a Villager remembers that when she moved here there were attendants checking IDs at the pools. She contends it’s time to bring back the pool attendants.

Someone is going to get killed at Morse Gate

A Village of Mira Mesa resident is afraid someone is going to get killed if a problem is not addressed.

Truman Executive Golf Course in terrible shape!

A Village of Mallory Square resident recently played the Truman Executive Golf Course and reports that the course was in terrible shape. Read his Letter to the Editor.

Fake Christian is about to be revealed in court

A Village of Osceola Hills resident predicts Donald Trump’s fake Christianity will be unveiled in court this week.

Brenda Turner is right about flying of repugnant flags

In a Letter to the Editor, a Village of Palo Alto resident offers praise for a letter from Brenda Turner, who took on the issue of political flags flying in The Villages.