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Friday, May 24, 2024

When did we decide insulting our neighbors was part of politics?

To the Editor:

Let’s forget the media circus and just discuss results, promises and behaviors:
Why didn’t Donald Trump lower our taxes more instead of giving the rich tax breaks even as some doubled their income during his term? He didn’t get our roads fixed or our bridges built as he promised every two weeks. He didn’t get us improved healthcare coverage, lower the price of our prescriptions, decrease the deficit, end the opioid crisis, revive the coal industry, he didn’t make “Covid disappear,” didn’t make Mexico “pay for the wall” or create new legislation to address the immigration issue. Weren’t his executive orders overturned by the courts? He did add $7.8 trillion to the deficit with nothing to show for it. Have we stopped judging performance based on actual results?
Did Trump put “America First” as he negotiated with and released 5,000 Taliban prisoners to the surprise of Afghanistan leaders, our military and newly elected president. In 2019, he withdrew U.S. troops from northeastern Syria that threw a previously stabilized part of the country back into chaos. Abandoning our allies, the Kurds, who had been instrumental in dismantling ISIS for our protection. He and his family have taken money from China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Russia. Aren’t these huge conflicts of interests? He didn’t “drain the swamp” as he was busy firing several members of his own administration. Are these really the “best people” as many were jailed for corruption, double dealing and being undeclared foreign agents? Is this what real patriotism looks like?
Why didn’t he fight for affordable housing, insurance or medical care, better pay or education? However, he did organize and encourage a lot of folks to fight for him when he lost the election. Remember he sent out the invitation and said it would be wild. Why didn’t he pardon them as he pardoned a bunch of his associates and friends?
As Trump runs again, he has asked us to dismiss the Constitution, promised to be a dictator (could anyone do that just for a day?), promised to cut our Social Security, and give Russia whatever they want. He blocked a tough Republican written immigration bill for political reasons while promising to round up Hispanics and put them in camps. Aside from the horror of such a thing, and high probability of errors, do you know how much that will cost? He has also called human beings fleeing for their lives vermin and animals. Where is the compassionate conservatism in this?
Trump has been indicted on several felonies while not denying the charges but claiming, he had immunity to commit the crimes! He even tried pandering to the Black community by claiming solidarity due to his arrest record. He has publicly insulted our judges, district attorneys and their families and even shared some of their addresses, knowing many have gotten death threats. How does this demonstrate integrity and leadership?
The president is human so I don’t expect him to be perfect. I also don’t believe everything I hear or read about him. However, he is a public servant so I expect him to serve the American people. Did Trump do that? Appeasing dictators and the oligarchy is not the good foreign policy some want us to believe. And lower prices during a pandemic, as many were locked down, jobless, sick and dying, is not really the “benefit” that some have praised.
Finally, what’s up with all the profane flags and signs? When did we decide insulting our neighbors was part of politics? How do we unify?

Brenda Turner
Village of McClure


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