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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Oren Miller is back despite efforts of Developer, Daily Sun and DeSantis

To the Editor:

Back when Oren Miller was attacked by the Developer with considerable help from Mr. DeSantis, the Daily Sun went all out to bring him down. An almost daily diatribe. A character assassination. The Daily Sun had another article that is a sample of what is to come: a good, decent man, one who really cares for the people he represents, is once more under the rather heavy foot of our hometown newspaper. They didn’t win last time – the people prevailed – so they used the government to find a way to punish this man who insists on being an active, effective, dedicated representative of the people. Jail! They hit hard.
I have seen government (coincidentally, a Republican government) use the law to go after citizens to silence them before, in another state. It is a tactic that one would expect in a totalitarian country. I witnessed a decent man go to prison for the crime of being elected to public office – reflecting the will of the people – in spite of established lawmakers’ wishes. Those established lawmakers are powerful and they are ruthless.
They should not be allowed to take over public offices. Not here. Not in a democracy.
I don’t live in Sumter County, but when democracy is flushed down the toilet, I believe it affects us all. I contributed to Mr. Miller’s defense and will do so again, if necessary. This man has suffered for his service to the people. And now he’s back, and I say, “You go, Oren!”

Doris Bryant
Village of Briar Meadow


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