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A reader responds to Marsha Shearer’s Opinion piece

To the Editor:

This is in response to Marsha Shearer’s Opinion piece:
When the president stumbles around on stage cannot answer questions and walks off the stage, is constantly mispronouncing words and names and loses train of thought , must have notes to refer to, just to remain on subject or written answers, must have pre-approved reporters asking prepared questions with his canned answers, appears in a low old man voice as he did in his apology to the Ukraine president, his age and ability to lead is very evident.
Compare that to President Trump, who, when speaking, is fluent, articulate and speaks clearly, when on stage or in interviews offers clear and concise plans to help this country and his visibly active and dynamic appearance on stage and at rallies. President Trump has always answered every reporter’s question even when they were inappropriate. President Trump shows confidence vitality and a true love for this country. As for the stock market, the progressive pundits when President Trump was elected claimed it was Obama that caused the growth in the market, not Trump. Now it’s Biden making the same claim. I wish these learned Trump haters would tell we unwashed patriots just what has Obama and Biden has done to make the stock market soar to just great heights.
I think and polls show President Trump is the Americans’ choice to lead this country.
I don’t think the fact that the Alvin Bragg, Fani Willis, Jack Smith all met with White House attorneys to bring charges against President Trump passes the smell test.
I also know most Americans feel that the conviction was a set-up with a pre-gone conclusion from a corrupt judge, and jury.
In closing, the vast majority of Americans feel the border is far more important than Grandpa Joe’s age.

Robert Basye
Village of Piedmont

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