Man and woman transported to hospital after golf cart flips on multi-modal path

Two people were transporrted from the scene of a golf cart crash Thursday morning along El Camino Real.

Two people were transported from the scene of a golf cart crash Thursday morning along El Camino Real.

A man and a woman were transported by ambulance to The Villages Regional Hospital after the golf cart they were traveling in flipped Thursday morning on a multi-modal path in The Villages.

Their golf cart had been traveling east at 8:54 a.m. on the multi-modal path along El Camino Real when the man who was driving the golf cart was slowing down, but applied the brakes heavier than intended, according to the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office. That’s when the golf cart flipped over.

The Villages Public Safety Department and Rural/Metro Ambulance also responded to the scene.





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  1. Richard Robinson says

    In a car everyone slows down in a turn, but for some reason when in a golf cart its flat out all the time regardless of turn, tunnel or what ever.

  2. Paul Gaecke says

    I wonder if they had seat belts installed on their cart. I resisted the idea for years, but last year I had the golf cart sales/service store at Lake Sumter Landing install them. Best thing I’ve ever doen with our golf cart. Hooking them up has become as automatic as when getting in your car. And without question, they provide peace of mind if something like this were to happen. Injuries as far less prevalent if the occupants are “contained” inside the frame of the cart.

    • Brenda Wolford says

      John Long at Seat Belts Installed does a Wonderful Job installing them. He is a Villages resident and is very professional. 757 236 2950

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