Brain fitness training center to be offered at Belvedere Library in The Villages

Amy Moore

Dr. Amy Moore, psychologist and brain health researcher at Gibson Institute of Cognitive Research in Colorado Springs will host a fun, engaging, hands-on brain training workshop for anyone interested in improving their cognitive skills.  Along with brain training specialist Tanya Mitchell from LearningRx, Moore will lead participants in activities that help improve memory, attention, and processing speed—three critical thinking skills that decline with age.  In addition to participating in brain training activities, participants will learn about the pillars of brain health.  Moore and Mitchell will share expert tips on keeping the brain fit and healthy across the lifespan. 

“Brain fitness is important at every age.  From children under 5 to seniors who are 95, we’ve trained more than 100,000 brains.  We’ve learned a lot from our clinical experience and want to share some brain health tips and activities with the residents of The Villages,” said Moore. 

The Brain Training Workshop will be held from 11 a.m. to noon Wednesday, Feb. 28 at the Belvedere Library in The Villages. Attendance is free but limited to 40 participants. 

Register online at
or contact  Moore directly by calling (719) 955-6716 or emailing at