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Local League of Women Voters offering online guide to information about candidates

As the election’s primary voting period fast approaches, there’s a new and convenient way to research all the candidates, whether on the federal, state or local level that will be on your precinct’s ballot.

The League of Women Voters’ Villages/Tri-County Chapter is introducing Vote411.org – a “one-stop” website with information about all the candidates

“The site asks visitors to fill in their address and a political party affiliation. Then they can read about that party’s candidates.  Voters can revisit the site, enter another political party and compare the responses,” explained Carol Von Noy, who, along with her next-door Tamarind Grove neighbor Char Griffin, serves as the chapter’s voter services co-chair.  “Visitors then can print out a list of their preferences that could serve as a helpful reminder at the polls.”

Candidates have completed sections about their community involvement, experiences and qualifications for office. They also have responded to questions of particular interest in their geographic district.

Since the primary does not include constitutional amendments and other referendums, these ballot issues will be added to the Vote411 website before the general election. The only local exception is a Lake County referendum asking residents to vote on a school safety funding initiative.

“The Villages/Tri-County chapter has been working with judicial candidates since their filing period ended in May, and with others seeking elected office after their filing deadline on June 30,” said Van Noy.  “Members of the League throughout the country have been conducting similar initiatives for the federal, state and local races.

“While visitors to our site can request information about all the candidates, they should remember that Florida is a ‘Closed Ballot State’,” Von Noy continued. “At the polls for the primaries, they only will be given a ballot for the party for which they designated. Those indicating ‘no party’ will receive a ballot for races that do not call for a Democratic or Republican affiliation. Voters can change their party affiliation until July 30. 

“This is the first time that the League’s Voter Information Guide is online. We do not endorse candidates,” concluded Von Noy. “Democracy thrives on voter participation so our elected officials know the concerns and wishes of the electorate, while voters can make informed choices – regardless of their party affiliation.” 

More information about the League’s Villages/Tri-County chapter is available at lwvtrimedia.gmail.com

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