All homes in The Villages should follow the same rules

To the Editor:

Everyone knows when they buy a home in The Villages there are restrictions. These are set in place to make sure the community stays beautiful.
There’s nothing wrong with the anonymous complaints option which I am sure are taken under advisement and ruled fairly. There are a lot of houses that have birds and tasteful decorations in the yard and these should be fine if not an over abundance.
If someone chooses not to remove untasteful objects they’re free to move outside of The Villages and I’m sure they will make a profit on their home. Whoever looks at these anonymous complaints should make sure their resources in researching them are valid. There are some homes in The Villages that are painted God-awful colors and have numerous and tasteful ornaments in their yards and are supposedly grandfathered in because they live up north.
I feel all homes in The Villages, new or old, should have the same requirements!
If there’s a house painted blue in Bridgeport currently it needs to be repainted or they should be fined.

Susan Ankrum
Village of Pine Ridge