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Pizza and Pennsylvania election returns

Barry Evans
Barry Evans

It has been well said – by a lot of people I am sure, but I am not certain who gets the credit for saying it first. Most likely, it was a mother in some time line who uttered it; however, Mothers seldom receive the credit they deserve.  If it is in a history book somewhere, it undoubtedly gives credit to Sir John Boxwood-Heath or somebody like him. What I am referring to is the often-used quote that “a good comfort food can fix all sorts of things.” OK, I admit that I am not very good at recalling quotes verbatim, but I believe that I am pretty close.

This is what The Blonde in the house and I thought after listening to the various “I know what is going to happen” rants on TV. Ranting by the way does not mean that the one ranting actually knows what he/she is talking about. We saw quite a bit of evidence of that over election day and thereafter.  Consequently, we remembered what our mothers said about comfort food. Now the food that comforts me the most is pizza, and The Blonde usually goes along with that. Actually, rhubarb pie would be my favorite comfort food, but that would take the Blonde a while to make it.

Besides, we didn’t have any rhubarb, and I did not feel like going up to my old haunts in Pennsylvania to pick some. I was also afraid that they would try to get me to vote, and I‘ve already done that in Florida. I realize that some folks don’t worry about something like that, but it is really a mess what with having to stand in two lines at different times. Then, too we had to pick out a pizza place. My first requirement when so considering is a good sauce followed by a crust of a decent thickness.  Unfortunately, that eliminates a good number of pizza places in this area. We thought about going somewhere else, but we had been hearing about various people throwing themselves in front of cars because they didn’t like the election results.

I am not certain how they know what the election results actually are. There seems to an awful lot of uncertainty out there.  However, we determined not to go out of the area. I mean one might never get any comfort food, if you have to fill out accident forms even though it was not your fault. We decided to call some friends to see if they would like to go with us and find out what ideas they might have for comfort food.  Unfortunately, none of them would answer the phone for fear that we might be a polling firm trying to find out what they thought of the recent election.  I found out later that most of them had looked ahead and brought in their comfort food so they could eat it at home.  That apparently worked out pretty well except for one couple who had voted on opposite ends of the political spectrum. They ended up going home to their individual Moms where they knew the proper comfort food would be served.

As for us, we ended up going to a pizza place that we hadn’t been to for years.  It was pretty good pizza even though the crust wasn’t as thick as I like. Unfortunately, afterward The Blonde and I agreed that we weren’t really comforted. Rats, that means I may have to go to Pennsylvania yet – and the election will probably still be going on there!

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