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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Electronic medical records back online after ransomware attack at The Villages hospital

Electronic medical records are back online after a ransomware attack at UF Health-The Villages Hospital and its sister medical center in Leesburg.

“We are pleased to announce that effective today (June 25) at 7 a.m., our UF Health information technology team was able to successfully restore our electronic medical record system, representing a major milestone in our journey toward full return to normal network operations,” UF Health Central Florida said in a news release. “Over the past few weeks, our main priority has been to continue delivering high-quality treatment and compassionate care to thousands of patients at UF Health Central Florida facilities.”

The news release and apparent resolution of the situation are welcome news in the aftermath of the cyberattack that was launched over the Memorial Day weekend.

During the time in which the hospital computers were crippled, patients and staff complained to Villages-News.com about the cumbersome, pen-and-paper operation and intolerable emergency room waits at the hospitals.

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