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Monday, June 17, 2024

We should be appalled that The Villages will host cold-hearted dog killer

To the Editor:

So Kristi Noem’s solution to her dog that didn’t fit what she felt was appropriate was to kill it, for being a puppy. Rich how someone who touts right to life seems to imply that is only if that life meets my standards.
I understand she also killed a goat for smelling like a goat.
Is this someone we want in an office of power?
Would she kill people who don’t fit in, the elderly, the mental challenged, or perhaps the disabled?
People who are unkind to animals are at their core evil. She mentioned no attempt to rehab the dog or to re-home it. It appears the only solution she thought of was the brutality of shooting it.
As a dog-loving community we should all be appalled that The Villages recreation center would host such a despicable individual. Politics aside, she is not someone I want anywhere near my dog or community.

Kathy Strope
Village of Silver Lake


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