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Saturday, June 15, 2024

We need more handicapped parking in The Villages

To the Editor:

Thank you Richard for your service and Ann for bringing the struggles of the handicapped to light.
Being a retirement community as big as The Villages, we are definitely in need of more handicapped parking spots for cars and separately for golf carts. Having and dealing with a handicap is not something anyone would chose. It is a 24/7 issue that can be exhausting. The handicapped just want to live their lives with as much happiness, vigor and mobility, as possible. They know that their activity may lessen or improve by the day.
Keying a car or being impatient is no excuse, but cruel and immature. Grow up! Why not offer a helping hand? Give love not hatred. Some day your hatred and impatience may be turned on you in the form of balance, hearing, sight or any of a multitude of health issues. It is called karma.
God bless those that extend love and understanding. You are making someone’s life a little better.

Sandy Fuller
Village of Glenbrook


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