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Handicapped veteran has had car keyed over parking

To the Editor:

I am a member at Genesis gym, located in Brownwood. There’s a member by the name of Richard Sabarro. He is handicapped and needs to use a wheelchair. There are only a few handicapped parking spots and if Richard cannot get one, he’ll park in a regular spot. Since those spots are smaller, he needs to park at an angle so he can completely open his driver’s side door and take his wheelchair out of the back seat.
Apparently, some people are short sighted and not aware of the everyday challenges he faces. Instead of seeing the handicapped plate on his car and maybe think there’s a reason he parks like this, he’s had his car keyed numerous times.
People will take pictures of his vehicle of which I saw for myself the other day. I signaled to the woman to come to me as I too am handicapped. I tried to explain why Richard’s car was parked that way, but the response I received was a wave of her hand as she walked away as if she was dismissing me. I don’t understand why this would bother people when he parks within the lines but just at an angle. Is this bothering anyone? If so, I feel sorry for them having nothing better to do.Richard is certainly not the only one that requires a handicap spot, so do I,along with many others who frequent the gym to strengthen their bodies to afford them their independence,not just athletes attend this gym.At times there are equal amounts of handicapped individuals as there are athletes.Would it be great to have more handicapped spots at the gym? ABSOLUTELY! But that is not up to the gym? Maybe the person(s) responsible to determine the number of spots, will see this letter, take a look and add a few more. In closing, I hope I have enlightened the public and they will discontinue doing mean things that are being done to Richard’s car or others that are handicapped. As a side note, Richard served our country for 31 years in the Air Force, soon after, he lost almost complete use of his legs.

Ann Kehoe
Village of Charlotte


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