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Sumter County official takes position as assistant to Villages District Manager Janet Tutt

Richard Baier
Richard Baier

Richard Baier, assistant Sumter County administrator and public works director, will leave his post next month to work for The Villages.

Baier, 54, who will resign effective Aug. 14, will become an assistant to District Manager Janet Tutt and work with community development districts.

He came to Sumter County in September 2014 from Alexandria, Va., where he served as director of transportation and environmental services for 15 years.

In that position, he supervised 212 employees and a $44.9-million annual operating budget. He made the move to be closer to family members, including his parents and sisters.

County Administrator Bradley Arnold said Baier’s pending job change will benefit the county.

“It’s going to be a great opportunity to build upon a great relationship that Janet Tutt and I have had,” he said. “We are pleased that he has chosen to stay in Sumter County.”

Board Chairman Doug Gilpin praised Baier as a professional “second to none.”

Baier said he looks forward to the new opportunity, especially with The Villages expansion, but will miss working with Sumter County’s capital projects.

“I am looking forward to Mr. Baier providing new perspectives and expertise garnered from his 30 year public service career which includes the Florida Department of Transportation and the cities of Clearwater, Florida and Alexandria, Virginia,” Tutt said.



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