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DeSantis beats Developer’s candidate in every Villages precinct in Sumter County

Ron DeSantis dominated every precinct in the Sumter County portion of The Villages in the GOP primary for governor.

DeSantis, who had the endorsement of President Trump and packed the house at a Villagers for Trump event in The Villages in July, dominated his opponent, Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, who has enjoyed the support of the Villages Developer.

GOP gubernatorial hopeful Ron DeSantis at an event in July in The Villages.

With 26 of 26 precincts in Sumter County reporting, the only precincts in which Putnam showed a lead were in Royal, Center Hill, Wildwood and Bushnell.

Here’s a breakdown of Villages precincts in Sumter County:

DeSantis-Putnam Villages/Sumter County
Precinct Comparisons

101 Savannah Center
DeSantis 59.97%
Putnam 35.25%

102 Hope Lutheran
DeSantis 58.73%
Putnam 35.43%

103 Saddlebrook Recreation Center
DeSantis 56.44%
Putnam 39.45%

104 Pimlico Recreation Center
DeSantis 56.54%
Putnam 38.48%

105 Coconut Cove Recreation Center
DeSantis 58.59%
Putnam 37.46%

106 Canal Street Recreation Center
DeSantis 58.96%
Putnam 36.36%

107 Laurel Manor Recreation Center
DeSantis 58.21%
Putnam 37.53%

108 Allamanda Recreation Center
DeSantis 61.95%
Putnam 33.86%

109 Truman Recreation Center
DeSantis 57.70%
Putnam 38.36%

110 Sterling Heights Recreation Center
DeSantis 56.98%
Putnam 39.64%

111 Captiva Village
DeSantis 64.39%
Putnam 31.75%

117 Fenney Recreation Center
DeSantis 61.35%
Putnam 33.51%

125 El Santiago Recreation Center
DeSantis 56.55%
Putnam 38.82%

127 Colony Cottage Recreation Center
DeSantis 57.99%
Putnam 37.66%

128 SeaBreeze Recreation Center
DeSantis 63.13%
Putnam 32.81%

129 Eisenhower Recreation Center
DeSantis 60.69%
Putnam 34.83%

130 Rohan Recreation Center
DeSantis 63.87%
Putnam 31.66%

DeSantis captured 53.11 percent of the vote in Lake County to Putnam’s 41.94 percent of the vote, with all 102 precincts counted.

In Marion County, DeSantis won with 53.16 percent of the vote to Putnam’s share of 40.90 percent of the vote with 125 of 125 precincts counted.

In the Democratic race for governor, Gwen Graham dominated Sumter, Lake and Marion counties. She is the daughter of former Gov. Bob Graham, who paid a visit to The Villages on behalf of her candidacy, in July. Gwen Graham spoke to The Villages Democratic Club in February at Colony Cottage Recreation Center.

But Graham lost the Democratic Primary to Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, who also visited The Villages.

Villager Leone Gentner with candidate Andrew Gillum in May at Colony Cottage Recreation Center.

Statewide, Democrats appeared eager for a matchup with DeSantis.

“DeSantis is now the leader of a deeply divided party that includes many members who resent his merciless attacks on Adam Putnam,” the Florida Democratic Party said in a statement Tuesday night. The statement went on to call DeSantis “a weak general election candidate.”

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