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HOA official worried about urns of ashes of dead Villagers in abandoned home

An official with a homeowners association in The Villages is worried about urns of ashes of the dead owners of a home found in violation of deed compliance.

The abandoned home at 611 Enconto St. in the San Antonio Villas was the subject of a public hearing Friday morning before the Community Development District 1 Board of Supervisors in a meeting at Savannah Center.

Overgrown grass and weeds at the home prompted a complaint to be lodged April 29 with Community Standards. The violation was verified the following day.

The Scheffer home in the San Antonio Villas
The Scheffer home in the San Antonio Villas

Harry and Hendrika Scheffer purchased the villa in 1996, the same year it was built. They are both deceased and “all emergency contacts have been disconnected,” according to Community Standards.

Steve Eddy of the HOA at the San Antonio Villas addressed the board with concerns about the deceased owners. He said a neighbor has keys to the villa and during a recent check on the property the urns containing the remains of the Scheffers were discovered in the home.

“I would hate to see whoever takes ownership on the home, throw those ashes away,” Eddy said.

He had hoped CDD 1 supervisors might have a lead on contact information for relatives of the deceased couple.

There does not appear to be a mortgage on the property. The utilities have been shut off and the property taxes for 2019 and 2020 have not been paid.

The board found the property to be in violation of deed compliance. The board granted three days to bring the property into compliance. If it is not brought into compliance, a $250 fine will be imposed, followed by $250 fines each time the District is forced to cut the grass.

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