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CDD 5 chairman ‘very happy’ with data on elimination of anonymous complaints

The Community Development District 5 chairman is “very happy” with nearly a year of data with regard to the elimination of anonymous complaints.

Last year, CDD 5 took the bold step to eliminate acceptance of anonymous complaints when it comes to deed compliance violations. Today, anyone reporting deed compliance violations in Ashland, Belvedere, Bonnybrook, Bridgeport at Lake Miona, Liberty Park, Lynnhaven, Poinciana, Sunset Pointe and Winifred must give their name.

The CDD 5 Board on Friday morning took a hard look at data from the past several months since the change was made as well as data from previous years.

CDD 5 Board Chairman Gary Kadow pointed out that complaints have dropped by 43 percent while the number of verified violations has remained steady.

Kadow said the reduction has come in “frivolous” complaints or “people making complaints for the sake of making complaints.”

He indicated he is pleased with the action the board took by stopping the acceptance of anonymous complaints.

“I am very happy with this. It seems to be doing what we want it to do,” Kadow said.

The grass is overgrown and a 22Private Property22 sign is attached to the fence at Carolyn Kalnitskys home in the Hileah Villas
The home of Carolyn Kalnitsky in the Hialeah Villas was the subject of a public hearing in September.

Supervisor Jerry Knoll said the board needs to continue to monitor the numbers. He also pointed to potentially dangerous situations such as a public hearing earlier this year in which law enforcement had to be present with regard to a home in the Hialeah Villas in the Village of Belvedere. The homeowner remains in custody at the Marion County Jail since her arrest this summer after leading law enforcement on a chase and threatening a deputy while she was armed with a yellow crowbar.

In that case, a neighbor, who had to give his name, said he was fearful of the homeowner due to her behavior, which included heaving pots and pans into his yard.

“That had the potential to be pretty nasty,” Knoll said.

He said the board needs to keep a close eye on the numbers, as well as their neighborhoods.

“I still have some concerns about the non-anonymous system. It could come back and bite us,” Knoll said.

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