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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Shocked to see bumper sticker at Lake Sumter Landing

To the Editor:

According to the dictionary, revenge is the act of initiating injury or harm to another for something done to them. So I was shocked when driving through Lake Sumter Square to see a golf cart with the a bumper sticker that read “Trump 2024 Revenge Tour.” Really this is what Trump/MAGA supporters think is a platform for a Presidential candidate to run on, spend four years in office going after individuals, corporations, former supporters, government agencies perceived as injuring or hurting you in some way? Trump has already indicated some of his targets, the entire Democratic House and Senate, the Democratic Party, AG Fani Willis, I guess the entire Biden family.
But to see that people actually think this is a good idea? There is enough division and hatred in the country. The job of the President is to help and support all people of our country, our allies our supporters of open and fair government, not use it to get even with perceived enemies who have hurt him personally in some way.
Stop for a minute MAGA and Trump supporters and think about what four years of revenge will look like. The America I have lived in for 75 years, spent 28 years of my life in defense of as an Army officer, raised my family in, that my father fought in WWII in to defeat fascist Nazi Germany, will be ruined because of a president who puts himself ABOVE country.

Ray Dube
Haciendas of Mission Hills


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