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The Villages
Monday, May 27, 2024

Opening Priority Pools would be wrong and costly

To the Editor:

I am not a Priority Pool member but I wholeheartedly agree with both Priority Pool members, Thomas Martin and Kimberly Burns. We should not open Glenview and Lopez Priority Pools to someone who has not paid for a Priority Pool membership. I do agree with opening Orange Blossom Hills Pool to non-priority members only to residents who live on the Historic Side.
It is completely unfair to open Lopez and Glenview to be available to residents who have not paid for a Priority Pool membership. As you will read below, the costs of opening two additional Priority membership pools will costs the residents dearly.
As a resident who pays monthly maintenance fees, PLEASE NOTE THAT I HAVE READ THAT THE DEVELOPER HAS REQUESTED FROM THE AAC AND CDD 1 $130,000 plus per year to cover his three Priority Pool expenses during the time that Paradise Pool is unavailable and for each of the three pools he is offering to non-priority members.
Therefore, as a resident you should consider how much paying out this extra money will cost each and every one of us and I would suggest that, we the residents, should support paying for only one Priority Pool maintenance instead of three x $130,00.00 per year. PLEASE SEND YOUR THOUGHTS TO OUR AAC MEMBERS IN CONNECTION WITH THESE EXTRA COSTS and the opening of these pools to non priority members.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Judy Wilson
Village of Hacienda


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