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Hey Harvey Roth, Trump was a disastrous president!

Here is a rebuttal to the March 28 letter by Harvey Roth:

Immigration: We should realize that 48 percent of illegal immigrants arrive here via airplane to northern airports and simply over stay their visas. Walls are ineffective, as machines easily tunnel under them. The 455-mile wall Trump built has been breached by tunnels over 4,000 times and parts are literally falling down due to erosion and wind. (Refer to Wikipedia or the Cato Institute for verification.) Biden however, has made a deal with Mexico to have them pay $1.5B to help secure the border on their side – something Trump could not accomplish. See heritage.org – a conservative website — for verification.

Military: Trump has called our service men and women “suckers and losers.” Refer to Militarytimes.com for verification. This year Biden expanded VA health care allowing millions of Veterans to become eligible for VA health care up to eight years earlier than policies under Trump. Refer to va.gov for verification.

Energy: In 2022 the USA under Biden achieved the greatest level of energy independence ever. Refer to Forbes.com May 2023 for details. No one is pushing anyone into electric cars. If you don’t like them, don’t buy them.

Draining the Swamp: Instead of paying attention to national affairs, Trump spent his first 2 years in office firing and hiring over 60 positions in two years, leaving key administrations in disarray. He said he was “draining the swamp,” but then he fired the “very best people” he himself hired. Refer to Wikipedia for verification. In 2018, key pandemic officials left the CDC and were never replaced, because Trump considered them irrelevant. Refer to politifact.com for verification.

COVID: Then came COVID. Thanksgiving week 2019, U.S. intelligence sent him emails warning him of the COVID pandemic; Trump does not read emails so he was unaware of the virus until March 2020. Instead of trying to contain COVID and offering a consolidated, national strategy to thwart it, Trump politicized it, called it a Democratic hoax and urged us to inject ourselves with bleach. He did not implement any leadership whatsoever, leaving crisis management up to each state. States struggled to figure out how to help the medical field and populace and had to fight among themselves to get supplies. Trump could have implemented a rational, coordinated national strategy for dealing with COVID, but he did not. He could have implemented more safety attire and created more ventilators, but he did not. One million Americans died under his “leadership.” One quarter of the world’s deaths from COVID were in the USA, but we are less than 5 percent of the world’s population. Most of the world managed it better than we did.

Inflation: Inflation became a huge problem all over the world with the supply chain issues after COVID that Biden has had to deal with, and it is easing. Our inflation rate under Biden is among the lowest in the world and our economy is the strongest in the world. If you live off retirement funds, this is important.

Character: Women make up 51 percent of our population, yet Trump continually disrespects women. He implemented a dangerous culture of sexism in our society that impacts all women and their future daughters. He even feels entitled to grab their privates at his whim. Perhaps some men consider Trump a strong leader, and in doing so are also disrespecting their wives and endangering their daughters’ futures. Trump disrespected his own wives by his affairs and had sex with a porn star shortly after his wife gave birth. He disregarded our Constitution and attacked our very democracy on Jan. 6, 2020. He is well-known for not paying people he has hired, including his own lawyers. Trump is an adulterer, an insurrectionist, a con man, and a criminal, being changed with 91 felonies! How can we expect a despicable human being like Trump to possibly be a good president, especially since he was a disaster the first time around?

Patricia Hoyt
Village of Briar Meadow


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