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United States must stand with Israel against evil Hamas terrorism

U.S. Sen. Rick Scott
U.S. Sen. Rick Scott

I visited Israel three times as governor of Florida, now a third time as Senator, and each time I’m reminded of the very real dangers to its existence Israel faces from terrorism and war.

I went to Israel to listen, but also deliver an important message to Prime Minister Netanyahu and other high-ranking officials: my commitment to supporting Israel and protecting the valuable relationship Florida and America have with the Jewish State will never falter – we will see this through until Hamas is destroyed and every hostage, which include Americans, that have now spent 174 days in Hamas captivity are home.

While President Biden and Democrats in Washington abandon Israel at the United Nations and on the world stage, I will not be silent.

The State of Florida and Israel have always had a strong relationship, and I will not tolerate the Biden administration’s continued actions to cower to the radical left of their party in a disgusting and dangerous attempt to get votes from Hamas-sympathizers.

U.S. Sen. Rick Scott met with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his trip
U.S. Sen. Rick Scott met with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his trip

Israel changed on October 7, 2023, when Iran-backed Hamas terrorists attacked and killed thousands of innocent people – but I made clear to Prime Minister Netanyahu and members of his administration that I stand firmly with them in making sure this day will not mark the end of the Jewish State. I reiterated this commitment when I spoke to family members of individuals taken hostage and IDF Soldiers who have seen and fought terrorism firsthand. They’re scarred by the unimaginable horrors of Iran-backed Hamas terrorists beheading babies, raping young women, murdering their loved ones and capturing their children to be held hostage. 

I saw the devastation Israel faces with my own eyes in Kibbutz Kfar Aza. The joyous community I visited years ago is now destroyed and reeling from the aftermath of October 7, with so many of its residents missing or dead. My visit to Israel has only reinforced the undeniable fact that the United States and Israel have a common security interest in destroying Hamas and getting hostages back home TODAY. At the Western Wall, I left a prayer for every hostage taken on October 7 to be freed today and returned home. War is terrible, but Israel cannot rest until Hamas is destroyed and the hostages, including Americans are home.

I know that God is with the Israeli people and will deliver victory to his people and the Jewish State.

U.S. Sen. Rick Scott is a former two-term governor of Florida.

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