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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Karen says she’s had enough!

To the Editor:

Enough of putting your interpretations into my letters!
I wrote concerned about offensive flags flying in our villages. Offensive as to repugnant to the moral sense or good taste.
I had to add an explanation to explain that this doesn’t include 99% of flags flown since people started questioning did I mean flags of the military, universities, etc? NO!
Did I mean shirts, bumper stickers, etc? NO!
I mean flags that fly on a flag pole which are flown only to cause a rift. Flags that are meant only to irritate and anger others. Flags with obscenities or Nazi signs flying. They are hostile and serve no purpose other than to offend.
So I specify: A certain word is generally still considered to be offensive! I don’t care if it is against a politician, a sports team, a country, or a holiday! Its only purpose is to cause a rift! The same goes for flying a Nazi flag!
Go ahead and put that offensive word on your T-shirt.
I had added a follow-up to the last sentence, however, I removed it because it may have been considered offensive.

Karen Hoerauf
Village of Belle Aire


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