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The Villages
Monday, May 27, 2024

What about the championship golf courses?

To the Editor:

There is very little talked about regarding conditions of our “championship” courses. These are of greater concern for our more serious golfers.
The fees to play aren’t unreasonable for a satisfactory golf experience. Regrettably many of these courses are old and worn out. The greens are poorly grassed. The fairways are rarely in good shape and the roughs are often unplayable.
Championship golf is the main attraction of The Villages for many of us. The executive courses are a great amenity, but not what our reputation is based on. When guests are brought here it’s often embarrassing to take them out to play.
We are proud of our country clubs and shouldn’t be ashamed of the courses. It’s up to our superintendents and management to improve the maintenance and to make the proper investments to assure that at least the greens and bunkers are in good shape. Much can be forgiven if the greens are good.
Do something!

Paul Zisser
Village of Liberty Park


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