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Friday, May 24, 2024

The press is biased against Trump

To the Editor:

Our election coming up is probably the most important election that we’ve had in a very long time.
I’m so tired of reading all these letters on this site about the personalities and stories, instead of the important issues facing our country! People just don’t seem to realize that 90 percent of what they read and hear on TV is pretty much made up or re-edited to make the news!
The press is biased against Trump with a lot more stories about Trump versus Biden, which is not fair and who knows what is true or not! I’ve noticed stories about Biden’s personal life are never exposed and if so, aren’t public very long! For example four years ago one of his assistants filed a sexual claim against him from the past and the story was news for about a week and then disappeared! Not knowing if this is true or not, I just read that she had to move out of the country in fear for her life! Was it true? Who knows, but if it was a story about Trump it would be all over the news for months! I do know for a fact that Biden’s story about how he met Jill is all a lie! He had an affair with Jill when she was still married to her first husband and his Corvette that he is so proud of was not a wedding gift from his Dad, but was a birthday present to Jill from her first husband! You never heard that on the news!
All these charges against Trump are nothing but a bunch of made up charges intended on stopping him from being POTUS or destroying his life by a group of Democrats or Trump haters! James Martin just wrote, “How can Trump run for President when he was impeached?” James, just because Trump was charged with a phony impeachment, you left out the fact that he was not convicted of impeachment, which is the reason why he can run for POTUS!
Most of these other stories I believe are mostly that, made up or exaggerated, but who knows the whole truth about Biden or Trump! I doubt if any of us will ever really know! My point is, do we base our vote for the president of our country and the leader of the World on what we think of his personal habits and life, which may or may not be true? Or do we base it on the job he is able to do for the people of this Country and the World!
Be honest with yourselves and compare the past three years of Biden and the past four years of Trump and it’s not a very difficult decision! We are being lied to every day from this White House trying to paint a rosy picture to influence our voting and giving us false information.. Right now we are on the edge of World War lll and with the many problems in this country and world from open borders,
Lack of leadership, crime all over, wild spending putting our country so far in debt we will fail if it’s not stopped, lives being lost, properties being destroyed all over the world, etc! We didn’t have these problems when Trump was in office even though Trump had the pandemic to contend with!
I ask you, “What is more important to you, personalities, news media stories, gossip or just the plain known facts of our country and world situation?” I only hope you make the right choice for the benefit of your children and family!

Ken Sulko
Village of Osceola Hills


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