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Monday, March 27, 2023

Hank Williams tribute extended at IceHouse in Mount Dora

Jack Petro
Jack Petro

The “Hank Williams: Lost Highway” run has been extended by the IceHouse Theatre.  Additional dates are evenings April 14, 16 and 17.  This is no surprise as the show quickly sold out scheduled performances—as well it should.  Not only do local country-western fans adore Hank Williams, but also the show is exceptionally well performed.

s in most bio-plays, the plot takes second place to the person and the songs.  Andy Matchett captures all of the charm and charisma that made a Williams a star.  His previous blockbuster performance at the IceHouse as Buddy Holly had patrons dancing in the aisles. This portrayal is just as good.

Andy Matchett as Hank Williams.
Andy Matchett as Hank Williams.

It is Mama Williams (Susie Marshal) who steers her shy, but talented son onto the road of musical success.  The simulated car rides where she is the driver are hilarious.

Sara French marks a return to the local theater scene in a fine performance of William’s no-talent, irritating wife Audrey.  Manager-agent Teetot (Michael Morman) does his best to smooth the path for Williams’ ascent.

The backup band members are all professional quality.  Adam Cornett and Julie Ard Campbell fill out the cast.  Campbell as the downstage-left waitress is a scene stealer.

Unfortunately for Williams, we can foresee his untimely death once he takes the hip flask out of his pocket.

Do not miss this show if there is one ounce of CW blood in your veins.  Only three performances remain!

For ticket information visit their website at www.icehousetheatre.com.

Villager Jack Petro reviews local theater for Villages-News.com

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