Pimlico Executive Golf Course not in playable condition

To the Editor:

As an avid golfer, I have played almost all the executive courses and all of the championship courses. Today, I had the misfortune to play Pimlico Executive Golf Course. This course is a disgrace and definitely not what golf was meant to be in The Villages.
Tee boxes were nothing but dead grass and dirt. Fairways were overrun with weeds. I don’t know what was in the traps but I don’t think it was sand. Greens were marginal at best. If they have a sprinkler system out there, they need to use it. Grass, where there was any, was dead or dying. Grass is not supposed to be brown.
The Villages needs to close this course ASAP and repair or redo it. It is not playable in its current condition. And certainly is no fun to play. I won’t be back.

Richard Dankert
Village of Briar Meadow/Greenbrier Villas