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Guest list for President Trump’s visit was a who’s who of The Villages

When President Trump visited the Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center to sign an executive order strengthening Medicare on Thursday, a virtual who’s who of The Villages and the tri-county area awaited him.

Congressman Daniel Webster leaves The Sharon Thursday after President Trump’s visit to The Villages.

Some of those in attendance were:

  • Villages Developers Mark Morse and Jennifer Parr
  • Citizens First Bank President Lindsey Blaise and her husband Brynn
  • Gary Lester, Villages vice president of community relations
  • David Gee, founder of Villagers for Trump
  • Diana Hammond, vice president of Villagers for Trump
  • Sid Bowdidge, executive director of Villagers for Trump
  • Sumter County Sheriff Bill Farmer
  • Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods
  • Lady Lake Commissioner Ruth Kussard
  • Lady Lake Commissioner Paul Hannan
  • Wildwood Mayor Ed Wolf
  • Wildwood Commissioner Joe Elliott
  • Wildwood Elementary Principal John Temple
  • Community Development District 1 Supervisor Ellen Cora
  • Community Development District 5 Supervisor Chuck Wildzunas
  • Fruitland Park Mayor Chris Cheshire and his wife, Meredith
  • District Manager Richard Baier
  • Dr. Elliot Sussman, The Villages Health
  • Dr. Jeffrey Lowenkron, The Villages Health
  • Pat Francis
  • Ellen Hoffman
  • Sumter County Commissioner Don Burgess
  • Sumter County Commissioner Doug Gilpin
  • Daily Sun Publisher Phil Markward and his wife Mary
  • Sumter County Tax Collector Randy Mask
  • Sumter County Supervisor of Elections Bill Keen
  • Sumter County School Board member Jennifer Boyett
  • Congressman Daniel Webster
  • Former State Rep. Marlene O’Toole
  • Lee Clymer of Farner Barley & Associates
  • Fred Karimipour, operator of restaurants and country clubs in The Villages
  • Republican Party leader Rich Cole
Dr. Elliot Sussman and Dr. Jeffrey Lowenkron, The Villages Health

In August, prior to Trump’s planned visit that was postponed following mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, The Villages Developer submitted a list of attendees for the event. Some of those on that list included:

  • Jay Bartholomew, Citizens First Bank
  • Andrew Bilardello, The Villages Republican Club and Community Development District 12 supervisor
  • Josh Blake, Lake County commissioner
  • Pastor John Blake, Good News Church and Josh Blake’s father
  • Contractor Jimmy Cichielo
  • Rich Cole, Amputee Coalition
  • Dean Carter, Dean Carter Construction
  • Al Butler, Sumter County Commission
  • Tim Creely, Villages Golf Division
  • Brian Dees, real estate agent
  • Joe Elliott, Wildwood Commission
  • Attorney Fred Goller
  • Ted Graham, Graham Brothers Construction
  • District 33 Rep. Brett Hage
  • Pamala Harrison-Bivins, Wildwood Commission
  • Jody Harter, Villages Insurance
  • Don Henderson, president and CEO of Central Florida Health
  • Ron Hess, Hess Construction
  • Bobby Hoopfer, Commercial Property Management
  • Joey Hooten, Sumter County property appraiser
  • Kimberly Ireland, medical director of St. Luke’s Cataract & Laser Institute
  • Steve Kurtz, Citizens First Bank and chairman of the Village Center Community Development District
  • Dr. Jeffrey Lowenkron, chief medical officer of The Villages Health
  • Phil Markward, director of The Villages Media
  • Jim Sprung, associate publisher of The Villages Daily Sun
  • Mackie McCabe, director of hospitality for The Villages
  • Sally Moss, Sumter County School Board
  • Brian Munz, Munz Design in Oxford
  • Tina Munz, Munz Design in Oxford
  • Steve Munz, Galaxy Home Solutions
  • Russell Pike, Pike’s Electric Inc.
  • Jerry Prince, president of The Villages Republican Club
  • Steve Printz, Sumter County Commission
  • Doug Gilpin, Sumter County Commission
  • John Rohan, director of recreation for The Villages
  • Richard Shirley, superintendent of Sumter County Schools
  • Dennis Stradinger, Villages Home Warranty Department
  • Dr. Elliot Sussman, chair of The Villages Health
  • John Temple, Sumter County Republican Executive Committee chairman and
  • principal of Wildwood Elementary School
  • Randy Thompson, Age Wave Solutions
  • Bob Trihn, chief executive officer of The Villages Health
  • Stephanie Vaughn, Farner Barley & Associates
  • Pete Wahl, retired District manager and longtime Rotarian
  • David Williams, Sumter County School board and golf pro at Cane Gardens Country Club
  • Jeff Zimmerman, Properties of The Villages

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