‘Knives Out’ is a fun spoof of Agatha Christie novels

Jack Petro
Jack Petro

On his 85th birthday, eccentric millionaire Harlan Thromby slits his own throat.

His will is read by his lawyer with all the family represented in true Agatha Christie style. He leaves everything to his housemaid Marta (Ana de Armas) with the codicil that she is to distribute his fortune in any way she sees fit.  She has a major physical handicap of vomiting every time she tells a lie.

“Knives Out” It is a spoof from the word go.

While it is difficult to tell who is lying, it is also problem of who is telling the truth. Benoit Blam (Daniel Craig aka 007) is a consultant brought in to straighten things out. When he starts to tell you of the conundrum of what came first: the hole or the donut, you know everyone is batty.

The climax of the show is at its ending where a knife is drawn from a giant montage of knives and plunged into the breast of the maid.

Despite all of the above, this crazy show is worth seeing.

Jamie Lee Curtis may be in the running for an Oscar Nomination for Best Supporting Actress. The movie is currently running at the Old Mill Playhouse  in The Villages and gets a “Must See” rating.

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