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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Elderly who didn’t get free roofs shouldn’t be bearing the burden

To the Editor:

My husband and I are retired and living on a fixed income. I am guessing that because of all of the “free roofs” that have been “awarded” to many, many homeowners by the “shady” roofing companies and their, what would be deemed in other States, as their “frivolous” lawsuits for new roofs.
Example: I am originally from New York and if I had an old roof, I would have to pay to replace with my own money myself.
This wind damage that the “roofers” are claiming is total BS.
Because of these BOGUS insurance claims, my homeowners insurance has now been raised over $1,000 in one year. My roof is only 10 years old and I have paid additional monies for a wind mitigation inspection to reduce my insurance rates and yet they still increase.
I challenge you, Gov. DeSantis to stand up for your elderly constituents and hold the insurance companies responsible for their lapse in judgement in these frivolous lawsuits.
We the elderly, on a fixed incomes who did not get free roofs should not be “held financially responsible” to the insurance companies.
I cannot afford to pay $3,000 a year for homeowners in addition to my mortgage and taxes on my fixed income.
Perhaps the insurance companies should double the taxes on the homeowners who got “free roofs” and leave the rest of us alone.
If something isn’t done by you about this homeowners insurance crisis, you may be facing an economic crisis in all of Florida as many elderly will need to move to another state that we can “afford” to live in.
The “ball is in your court,” Governor. How will you “serve” it up?

Judy Wilson
Village of Hacienda


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