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Who the hell are we?

Richard Sobieray

Recently, Marsha Shearer opined that “Democracy will be on the ballot in 2024.” The end of our “constitutional democracy” is at risk she insists…in concert with the mainstream media. All because of Donald Trump. Their “Democracy” will be saved by harassing and eliminating Trump.

I am not writing this to defend Trump:

• I chose not to vote for neither him nor the Clinton dynasty because neither represented the Flag or the Allegiance to which I pledge.

• He didn’t drain the swamp as promised. He simply woke the beast and its ugliness which is Washington.

• While simplifying the taxes for the 50% who don’t pay taxes, mine was increased by 30% and my social security was reduced by 20%.

• He was undone by the RINO’s in his own party…much of it self-inflicted.

• His reliance on Fauci during the pandemic was an epic failure.

However, since we have become such a divided Nation, no longer a pretense being “One…Under God” with multiple Flags and Anthems, just what is Ms. Shearer and left protecting:

• Is it the Democracy that created the “Russian Hoax” paid for by the Clinton Crime Family and the Deep State Democrats?

• Is it the Democracy that weaponizes the FBI, DOJ, IRS, CIA against the citizens who don’t share their ideology.

• Is it their “Rule of Law” that prosecutes a President simply to get even rather than one who proclaims on video pride in his responsibility for a Quid Pro Quo? Or Prosecutors who work to interfere in our elections. Fanni Willis must be your poster child.

• Is it the Democracy that produces and supports the criminal acts of Black Lives Matter and Antifa and gives them legitimacy while obsessing over the January 6 riots in Washington and Trump’s ability to seek revenge if elected? At the same time ignoring deep state workers who are protesting Israel.

• Is it the Democracy that supports States keeping Trump off of its ballots, at the same time, accusing him of seeking revenge?

• Is it the Democracy that appoints a Justice to the Supreme Court who cannot define a woman? Or Presidents of our Universities who cannot define antisemitism?

• Is it the Democracy that supports pornography in our kindergartens? And one that requires a child to be 16 to drive, but old enough to decide on its gender confusion without parental consent?

• How is the “Defund the Police” working out for you?

• In our schools, BLM is promoting (1) trans and queer affirming, (2) restorative justice, whatever that is, (3) Reproductive justice, which means keep the taxpayer on the tab, (4) End zero tolerance, which means accept bad behavior, (5) Mandate Black History (limited to pre 1960), which means that current history on crime, education failures and abortions are off limits,(6) Fund counselors not cops and finally (7) hire more black teachers. Add this to the Alphabet Mafia invading our public schools attempting to normalize bad behavior.

• Is it the Democracy that supports the globalist “One World Government” agenda that basically neuters our Democracy and our Constitution? It is the leadership of that movement and his Nazi leanings that proclaim that in short order, voters will be irrelevant…soon to be replaced by Artificial Intelligence.

• Is it the one that supports infanticide under the artificial cover of either women’s right or women’s health, when the reality is it is about who will pay the bill for lack of individual responsibility. Is the student loan resolution any different? If this continues to work, I assume I have a right to reject paying taxes to a bunch of frauds in Washington who are more Pigs at the trough than public servants…elected and non-elected.

• Is it the Democracy that refuses to respect our borders and our immigration laws while virtue signaling their respect for our sovereignty?

• Is it a Democracy protecting the rights of the Cartels to continue to be the tollbooth for the illegal invasion?

• Is it the Democracy that provides the free flow of drugs and sex traffickers?

• Finally, a Democracy respects only the free speech of its followers…all others need “guardrails.” It is one thing to watch the destruction of our Universities giving free speech more emphasis than STEM subjects, but the invasion of the workplace is much different where guardrails are necessary.

Assume Ms. Shearers Democracy is saved by honest elections (wink..wink):

• We already have a Black Anthem…is a LGBTQ+ anthem next or will they, because of their confusion, create multiple anthems?

• We have multiple Flags. Which one will we salute? How long before Lloyd Austin and Gen. Milley and our leadership at the Academies promote separate flag patches to wear since they are promoting Critical Race Theory.

• Our Universities will continue to be taxpayer funded propagandists.

• Our churches will continue to enrich themselves as NGO’s reaping hundreds of millions of dollars to aid and abet in the transfer of illegals without concern for the safety of our citizens.

• Crime will continue to be viewed as reparations and a right. Why not, the government perfected the strategy of “grab and Run” with no accountability.

• Our media will continue to be arms of a Party…no better than Pravda…nothing will be believable.

• We will all continue to be slaves to our Parties…the Plantation of the Democrats or the Plantation of the Republicans where our voice is meaningless…they only need our vote or our money.

• Our National Guards will have to defend the state they represent against our Federal officers and military.

• The workplace will not be safe from those workers who need a platform for their agenda rather than respect the workplace of others. The DEI agenda will destroy most workplaces as it is in our public spaces.


I will fly our Flag again as a proud veteran and American when:

• We can collectively demand the end to government corruption thru a neutral lens.

• We elect a president who is not the lesser of two evils. I have some good Democratic friends who must feel like the child scraping the blackboard with fingernails every time Biden/Harris speak.

• We eliminate the financial incentives to aid and assist illegal Immigration.

• We demand good behavior from those who seek justice, opportunity and equity.

• We define our freedoms without financial reward.

• We reward merit. If you need an understanding of the workplace, the best definition comes from a former baseball manager who told his team is his job was to find someone to replace you who was better …and your job was to show that you were the best at what you do. It’s not complicated.

• Agenda’s as well as unions have no place in our government.

• Our media becomes responsible journalists again. (that’s assuming they ever were)

• Placing the needs of our country ahead of other countries is not seen as a negative. How many of you borrow from the bank to make a donation?

• Have a Congress and a President who respects our financial status and stops throwing money at everything and everyone. It is difficult to blame our own citizens when other countries are blackmailing us. Time to call their bluff.

• I will care for the homeless immigrants when I have to stop begging for money thru charities for our veterans.

• Stop paying professional sports franchises for the right tossing the anthem and show the flag. It remains a divisive issue with the color of the players.

• I will respect your color and your sexual proclivities so long as you respect mine and do not invade my environment. I will respect, not accept, your lifestyle.

• Eliminate 50% of our Federal unelected bureaucracy who regulate our lives without Congressional oversight. Then Defund Washington, defund Congress the cause of most of our problems. How that might work is for another day.

My Constitutional Republic has nothing to do with Donald Trump. Washington, Congress and the unelected protected bureaucrats are directly the cause of the divisions we either stop or continue unabated.

Richard Sobieray is a resident of The Villages.

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